Suites & Canavas

All canavas feature an open space plan with a large bedroom, a detached living room and a private luxurious bathroom. The outdoor area adds to the overall laidback feeling as it features a private pool and some comfortable sofas for an easy everyday living. The volted ceiling of the canava along with the discreet  lighting and the natural materials used throughout the residence  create an harmonious atmosphere that can transport the guest to another dimension of comfort, inspiration and relaxation.

Earth Suite 11 outdoor 3 corrected 1900X1267


The name earth derives from the earthy materials used throughout the suite. The stone floor is crafted from the best craftsmen of Greece…


The Canava Suite preserves the initial dome of the winery as a powerful trace of traditional architecture and is enhanced by modern  fiber lighting…

Canava suite 21.1 outdoor correcte 1900X1267