History of ANDRONIKOS Canavas

Each canava has a long history dated back to the 19th century. It was initially built as a winery in 1880 in which they produced the famous Vinsanto wine of Santorini that was usually exported to Russia and Malta. This amazing winery  has been recently renovated keeping the traditional exterior but adding the elegance and sophistication of contemporary living to its interior.

Every year from early August the family of Anapliotis stayed at the canavas house to prepare their spaces and barrels. At the beginning of September, they harvested and carried the grapes to the canavas. They were spreading the portion of the grapes to the sun on Vinsanto. The “stables” (the remnants of the grapes) were collected so that the cauldron in the end would produce the famous “Raki” and make the tsikoudia. The workers in the vineyards and the canyons worked “sun with sun”,  from morning till the sunset

and every evening they gathered in the canava where the housewife prepared food for  all of them, with the more common the “vaneemisio” (meat bacon with potatoes).  The wines made in the canvas were Brooks of Santorini (red strong wine), night (white mild wine) and the famous Vinsanto (sweet red wine).

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