Each canava features a large patio with a private pool. The patio is complemented with a sofa and a lounge bed in order to give you a  comfortable and laidback feeling during your stay. The architectural design is characterized by the use of natural materials and earthy colors so that each guest will engage  with the magic of Santorini’s vibe.


Additionally, the private terrace over each canava is the perfect spot from which you can enjoy the beauty of the Aegean sea and the sunset of Santorini.



At Andronikos Canaves a customized breakfast is prepared everyday including traditional and contemporary Greek dishes, prepared with the best local products and fresh ingredients found in the market each day, served family style on the beautiful patios of each Canava.

Though uncomplicated the food of the islands is nevertheless sophisticated in its strong palates and rich flavors. Simple but never plain mediterranean cuisine is remarkable for its health benefits and ingenious combination of flavors and palates. Some wonderful local wine or a fresh lemonade is the perfect way to welcome our guests in a long hot summer day.